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We are proud of our award-winning architectural designs, built in affordable housing communities that generate civic pride. Check back often to read about Highridge Costa Housing Partners in the news.

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JUNE 2011

2011 #6 Affordable Housing Owner

Highridge Costa Investors, LLC was named the #6 top Affordable Housing Owner in 2011 by the Affordable Housing Financing publicaion.


MAY 2011

Tax Credit Advisor

Structuring the Deal (Every Dollar Counts)

A history of the company and interview with Michael Costa from the May 2011 issue of Tax Credit Advisor magazine.


APRIL 2011

National Association of Home Builders 50+ Housing Magazine

Affordable Multifamily Development Strategies for Excellence

In today’s world of economic challenges for all builders and developers, with value engineering a commonplace reality, and every detail, decision, and dollar explored and scrutinized, anyone looking at affordable developments has to ask, “How do they do it?”