Our Mission

At Highridge Costa Housing Partners, LLC, we are concerned about creating viable housing options for the future. We are building living communities that meet both individual and city growth planning needs.


With a concentration in affordable workforce/senior, mixed income, mixed-use and market-rate development, we are building living communities that meet both individual and city growth planning needs. Attractive, smart, high-density, multi-dwelling living communities are an affordable choice for working Americans, many of whom are priced out of the ‘for sale’ market.

Multifamily housing also benefits communities; it is eco-friendly, utilizes shared resources, and allows people the freedom to live closer to their work.

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...This beautiful community for very low and low-income seniors was the culmination of a process, and the solution to a neighborhood revitalization challenge that the Ontario Redevlopment Agency had struggled with for over ten years, on a site that had become more and more blighted as time passed...

This project enabled the Agency to turn an unsightly, underutilized area into a more vibrant neighborhood …Mountain View is an excellent example of the success cities can achieve when reusing vacant or economically-distressed commercial land for housing development.“

Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization Director City of Ontario

This beautiful apartment community for low-income seniors represented the cornerstone of our efforts to revitalize the City’s blighted commercial zone, and we could not have been more pleased with the results...

We are deeply grateful to SHS and its development partners for providing the vision and persistence that was required to turn our dreams into reality for the City of Norwalk and its low-income seniors, and for the creativity and talent they brought to the project.“

Assistant City Manager City of Norwalk

On behalf of the Utah Housing Corporation, I am pleased to offer my strongest possible endorsement of Northgate Apartments, which have been an integral part of the effort to revitalize our urban core since the project opened in 2002...

As a part of our Gateway Redevlopment District – the largest such project in our state’s history – Northgate made a major contribution toward achieving our objective of providing more mixed-use, transit-oriented housing, leading to the creation of a more vibrant and liveable urban community where people can live, work, and shop…I also would like to add that Simpson Housing Solutions and its partners were outstanding to work with. Their responsiveness, creativity and commitment to creating an effective solution to our housing vision was demonstrated throughout our relationship, particularly in terms of the complex, multi-layered financing that was required, as well as in offering a design that proved to be both beautiful as well as functional.“

President/CEO Utah Housing Corporation